Absolute Style is a company focused in the Style, Design and Development of new products. Style and Design are always elaborated around the person and his needs. We work to support companies in innovation and growth paths.

We identify new ways to serve and support people, identifying latent needs, behaviors and desires.
We follow and support companies, both in terms of creation of new products and models, both in studying the Corporate image.

We operate in Montebelluna, the italian industrial district where many worldwide leading companies are working in the Industrial Design.
The process of creating new products is considered as an interaction space rather than a preset sequence of distinct phases with no possibility of experience and information sharing.
The typical process of creating a new product consists of three key moments: Inspiration, Ideation and Realization.

Every projects by Absolute Style is developed in synergy with the Customer and with constant reference to the target market.
All the projects and activities developped are regularly verified and validated on the basis of the final implementation. Our goal is to provide appropriate solutions, emotional, actionable, efficient. Obviously, maximum attention is provided to assure the respect of the target cost, in order to obtain the final product competitive in its markets.
The result of this approach: new fundamental innovative paths for growth. Paths that represent the optimal base for getting new market opportunities and achieving the expected successfull results.